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The Power Program
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The Power Program includes some of the world's best non-denominational Christian Study resources. The studies have been packaged in an easy to install, PC friendly 'Green Book' format which enables instant, worldwide distribution and easy computer desktop access. All program downloads are provided free of charge and may be distributed freely (but not sold).

The Power Program concept encourages relationships, establishes Christian foundations, helps believers to explain their faith to others and empowers all believers to disciple.
All of the Studies are generously provided free of charge by the non-denominational, non-sectarian Online Bible College, which is a Global Institute of Learning with over 20,000 students from more than 160 Nations.
The group facilitation model ensures active engagement, develops and builds community, whilst ensuring that the truth of the Gospel is revealed to all participants.
Studies progress through -
The Power of the Gospel - Christianity 101 - Project 21
Discipling 101 includes the Christianity 101 materials plus
a study guide and facilitators manual.
The Power Program - Enabling All Christian Believers to Explain Their Faith to Others