The Power Program
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                    The Discipling 101 Program’s principles underpin the small group process of:-
                                   Engaging people where they are at, according to their culture.
                                   Establishing the foundations of Christianity.
                                   Equipping believers to explain their faith to others.
                                   Empowering all believers to disciple.
The understanding and experience gained through actively participating in group discussions provide individuals with the tools and confidence to share their faith. Discipling 101 is an ideal follow-up to a Church event where people have had an ‘Experience’. It facilitates a journey of personal discovery (within the boundaries of biblical truths), develops relationships and connects people with established Christians. Groups are initiated by discussion facilitators rather than teachers.

A safe place for friendship and fellowship is created as each participant is given the opportunity to openly share their feelings, thoughts, ideas and beliefs concerning the questions relating to Faith. This gives the facilitator an insight into each group member’s current perceptions. The participant, in the privacy of their own home, then interacts with the lesson material under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, thus developing their own personal relationship with Jesus. Personal revelations and questions arising from the studies then form the basis of discussion for the next group get-together.
There is no right or wrong way to use this resource. Group facilitators do not need to be teachers or leaders. They simply organise a venue to meet, invite some people along, point them towards the program download and facilitate the journey.

Engaging - Establishing - Equipping - Empowering Disciples

To go into all the world and MAKE DISCIPLES …. Matthew 28:19

Discipling 101 is the complete toolkit for using Christianity 101 as a Discipling Program.

Includes a Christianity 101 Study Guide and Facilitators Manual.
Christianity 101 is the first section of the ´Power Program´ and is a Gospel based, non-denominational way to introduce all of the key concepts of the Christian message (To believers and non-believers alike).
Sections are:- Who is Jesus? Discovering the Real Me, Living Every Day With God, Discovering God In Church, Reaching Out With Jesus.

The program also includes a ´Print Shop´ PDF file of the complete manual in book form. This is ideal for distribution in places where PC´s are not available.

Discipling 101
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