The Power Program
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Power Groups - Sometimes when studying alone we run low on motivation and the business of life keeps us from our goals. Eventually all of our good intentions and allocated times evaporate into the day to day. When we meet together with others, at a regular time on a regular day we stay focused and motivated. Because we are meeting with others, we feel accountable and find the time to read the study and think about our responses to the information contained.
Facilitating a Power Group - The purpose of the group facilitator is not to be a teacher or to have all of the answers, but simply to provide a safe place for people to form relationships and share their journeys with others. The teaching is done by the Holy Spirit through the studies. The written responses to the ‘Making the Truth Mine’ page are the basis of group discussion, testimony and encouragement. Some people prefer to study and review a sub-topic each day between meetings and then discuss them all individually with the group. This approach reduces last minute cramming and helps establishes a regular daily quiet time. Newcomers can join the group at any time by simply downloading and reading the study that is being discussed at the next get-together and writing their answers to ‘Making the Truth Mine’. When all of the studies are completed you can encourage your group members to then start their own groups.
There is no right or wrong way to use this resource. As a facilitator, you will not need to have any teaching or leadership skills. You simply organise a venue to meet, tell some people about it, point them towards the program download and then watch God do the rest. Distributing the Gospel study material in this way eliminates the need to provide printed lessons to participants.
The interactive group format encourages private bible study and personal responses to the issues raised. Meeting regularly builds relationships. The home group experience no longer needs to be one of passively listening to a leader read, and then writing required responses.
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