The Power Program
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The Gospel is our message from God regarding the broken relationship between Man and God. The Gospel literally means Good News. It offers us reconciliation and restoration. The Gospel was the reason that Jesus Christ came to live amongst us as a man on earth. The Gospel message of Grace, Hope, Freedom and Love, not rules or religious formula as recorded by various witnesses in the Bible is the foundation of the Christian faith.
There are four separate downloadable study modules in 'The Power Program' curriculum. 'Christianity 101' was produced to introduce Christianity and assumes no prior knowledge. This is the best place to start. 'Project 21' then provides 21 essential foundations of the Christian faith and leads into The 'Power of the Gospel' a far more indepth study module which many are using for leadership training. Discipling 101 incorporates a facilitor's manual and study guide for discipling with Christianity 101.
All of the Studies have been generously provided free of charge by the non-denominational, non-sectarian Online Bible College, which is a Global Institute of Learning with over 20,000 students from more than 160 Nations. Courses were written by Paul, Bunty & David Collins (founders of the Online Bible College). They were designed to equip teachers to cope with the influx of new believers and have played an integral part in the birth of many Home Study Groups, and the planting of thousands of Churches across the world.
Each time The Power of the Gospel and Project 21 programs are closed a 'Making The Truth Mine' sheet appears. The purpose of this page is to record personal thoughts, revelations and the insights you receive during the study.  Many people also use this sheet as a basis to share their personal responses with others who are using the program. (Power Groups)
Many are using these programs for daily devotions and encouraging others to do likewise. These unique programs are also the perfect framework for delivering the full truth of the Gospel to anyone in your community who may be looking for a better way to do life.
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