The Power Program
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It is impossible to experience such a radical change in your life and not want to tell others.
You are welcome to join us in spreading the Good News. Let people know of this free downloadable resource, get some groups started in your area and then encourage your contacts around the world to do likewise. We recommend that you get hold of the 'Epic' DVD by John Eldridge - we use this amazing story to show newcomers how they fit in the 'BIG PICTURE' and to introduce the Gospel. 
      "I have been devouring the gospel study over the last few days, and I have to say... I am really feeling so much better in my future.  It's hard to explain... I feel at peace...with me !  I don't feel guilt, or shame, or anger, or the fury that I have experienced over the last few weeks". Sally B.- Torquay, Australia.
       "Our mission team conducted 'Power Program seminars with an attendance of more that 700 students from second year to fourth year high school. A seminar for the parents was conducted also which has an attendance of  almost 200 people.  At the end of the seminar good feedbacks and responses were received both from the school staff and the students and almost 100 percent of the participants received the Lord.  Thank you for sending us the Power Program with the online bible college Gospel curriculum. Excellent material for the workers and leaders alike"  Pastor Alex - Mindanao, Philippines.
         "Now I don't have to prepare or photo copy anything for my cell group, they download the studies and read them at home - and when we meet they do all of the talking. 'This is so 21st Century" 
- Margaret L. USA.
We would love to hear about what is going on in your area, please give us a call.
                                                                                                                 Trevor & Annie Boulton
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